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Warhammer 40000 Iron Hands & Raven Guard Errata

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Hello everyone !!

yesterday Gw released an Errata/Faq for Iron Hands and Raven guards.

Iron Hands errata

Raven Guard errata

Off course what's matter are the nerf to Iron Hands :

  • Ironstone, now limited to one tank within 3"

  • 5++ bubble from Iron Father limited to infantry

  • 4+ Counter SPell is now 2cp

  • the Overwatch on 4+ is now 2cp as well

  • Repair stratagem can't target twice the same model

  • Psychic Repair power can't target a tank already repaired this turn

Sound like a well made nerf, not too big but still significant enough to save the Meta ^^ My only gripe is Machine Empathy, with Blessing of the Omnimessia being range 1" it's hard to use on 2 targets :/.

I still think Iron Hands are one of the best but now you can try the double Primaris Heavy Plasma unit with 5++ 6fnp reroll 1 move and fire bla bla bla...