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Age of Sigmar : Ossiarch Bonereapers Battletome review !

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Hello everyone !!

A new army in Age of Sigmar is always a big event. On the other hand, the expectaction are higher than for a battletome remake. Will this Battletome be Great? or simply ok? let's dive in right away because there is a lot to say!


The book is Hardcover, around 100 pages with excellent illustration and very good finish. As usual nothing bad to say about the quality, everything is very well made.
Content is fluff, photos and rules.

Fluff start with some general info on Death and the Ossiarchs then you get one page for each sub-faction and Warscrolls.

ossiarch bonereapers battletome review

There is even a nice Hierarchy Pyramid. Addendans and Exiles are at the bottom but are not in the Battletome so maybe for the future. Fluff in the book is quite nice with a lot of info.

ossiarch bonereapers battletome review

ossiarch bonereapers battletome review

He goes to war on Foot!

That's it for the non-rules part so let's get to the interesting part!

Ossiarch Bonereapers Allegiance Abilities !

-Nagash and Arkhan are in the book and gain the Ossiarch keyword.
-Legion : 6 legions
-Deathless warriors: Fnp 6 if you are wholly within 6" a unit champion or wholly within 12" a hero. Strong but the range is small for big units.
-No battleshock test.
-Discipline points, work like command points. Each turn, you generate one per hero, 3 for katakros and then you roll 1d6 per unit (including heroes) on a 6 you gain 1. You can only use them on Ossiarch ability, so can't use the one from the rules book or Realms rules. But you can spam them as most of your units have access to one or two.
-Unstoppable Advance: Command ability can be used by any unit with a champion or by a hero. +3move. (can't stack it off course)

The allegiances abilities are interesting and allow numerous strategic decisions :


I usually don't bother with warscrolls as they go online at the same time but this time full warscrolls spoils :

ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review
ossiarch bonereapers battletome review

Also, note that both Morghast versions are in the book as well as Nagash and Arkhan.

There is a lot to say :
1) Katakros is awesome and weird at the same time! (500pt)
2) Boneshakers are awesome !! (130pts)
3) All these command abilities spam are creating a huge amount of synergies and units are a lot stronger on the table than on the warscrolls.
4) Stalkers are crazy! (200 pt for 3)
5) Huge units of Morterk Guard could be hard to use with the relatively short-range and wholly within keywords of the command abilities. (13pts up to 40models with discount)
6) No ally
7) Kavalos riders are kind of cheap at 180 for 5 and a discount at max strength

Items & relics

Each hero have one list of relics and there are a lot of very strong options like :

Helm of the Ordained: +1 to hit wholly within 12" of the bearer(liege)
Artisan key: pick 2 unit to heal or 1 unit to heal twice (Boneshaper)
Lode of saturation: pick one unit, they get fnp on 5+ for the whole turn (boneshaker)
Gothizzar Cartouche: +1 to wounds for friendly death units ww 9" (Soulmason)

Spell lores

6 spells, arkhan and nagash know them all ^^

1) Arcane command: diff 5, gain 1d3 command points
2) Super Nadirite weapons: diff 5, range 24", friendly unit affected score a double hit on a 5+ (4+ for cav on charge)
3) Protection of Nagash: diff 6 self shield, 5+ FNP vs wounds and mortal wounds
4) Reinforce Battle Shield: diff 6, one friendly unit within 24" get a 5+ against mortal wounds
5) Drain Vitality : Target enemy within18" , diff 6, they must reroll 6 to hit and save ^^
6) Mortal Contract : Curse one unit for all the game, each time the cursed unit inflict on a ossiarch dmg they take 1d3 mortal on a 3+ at the end of said phase. Wierd but fun spell.

Lots of nice support spell, no super-strong attack spell so maybe you'll have to buy an endless spell for aggression.

Also : Endless spells are Cheap : (20 to 40)


As the question was asked : battalion !

  • Ossiarch Cohort 100pts :
  • It's the big one where you need multiple other Battalion and give 1d3 Commands points per turn

  • Mortek Sheild Corps 120pts
  • 1 mortisan and Vokmormtion + 3 Mortek : once per turn you get a free shieldwall command abilities. This one is kind of stupid because 120 points, is the price of a Stonemason granting 1 point per turn ^^

  • Mortisan Trident 110pts

  • One of each Mortisan and 1 Gothizzar Harvester , while the Gothizzar is within 3" of ennemy models and within 18" of a Mortisan from this Battalion it can cast an extra spell.

  • Katakrosian Deathglaive 80pts
  • 2 stalkers units and 1 Harbringer units: Free 6" move before the start of the battle

  • Aegis Immortal 80 pts
  • 2 Immortis Guard and 1 Archai : The Archai get the Soulbound abilities from the Immortis (no range) and on 5+ the wounds is simply negated. This one is actually ok

  • Kavalos Lance 120pts
  • Liege or Zandtos and 2 Deathriders unit : Retreat and charge while wholly within 12" of the Liege. Also one free Deathrider Wedge per turn . This one is ok but the price is steep :/

  • Mortek Ballistari 100pts
  • 1 Boneshaper , 1 mortek, 2 Crawlers : Mortek can transfert wounds from the Crawler on a 4+ if within 3 Or 2+ if the stone mason is within 3"

Ok, that's it for the Ossiarch review. The army is super cool, very interesting with a lot of depth. While the number of units limited it's still large enough to allow different setup. The inclusion of Nagash and Arkhan also open lots of options.

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