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Age of Sigmar Ossiarch Bonereapers : Mortek Guards models and Sprues analysis

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Hello everyone !!!

Mortek guards are the main foot troopers of the new army the Ossiarch Bonereapers. GW presented the model and sprues as easy to build and highly customizable. Having a sprue of them inside Feast of Bones I wanted to show you what could be the future of "basic" troops in GW games.

Awesome models but kind of small

mortek guards ossiarch bonereapers

The models are highly detailed with lots of character. I think they found the sweet spot between personality and the simplicity needed for a battleline unit.
I never noticed on the image but the mortek guard is small, thin and based on 25mm.

ps: I know it's supposed to be a Models/hobby focused post but being on 25mm is very strong. You can pile in more of them in combat, they are a lot easier to fit in a wholly within 6" or 12"! Even the 3" from the Harvester is a lot easier to trigger !!

In love with the mortek Guard !

Sprue design from the future

mortek guards ossiarch bonereapers

As you can see, each of the 10 bodies is made of 2 parts, these two parts are fixed so don't mess up the numbers and follow the manual. All 10 have different poses and even if some are pretty close they are a bit different and that's acceptable (i think)

mortek guards ossiarch bonereapers

The heads, shields and weapons are all different and all interchangeable ! you don't even need the guidebook once the bodies are glued. Also, Weapons arms are freely posable and you can glue them in a bunch of distinctive position.

ps: The blade or Spear arms are kind of hard to glue because of the freeness allowed.

ps2: Call me Crazy but maybe I want to magnetize the spears and the blades! I am not sure yet I need to run some test!

mortek guards ossiarch bonereapers

10 models use 2 sprues (heads are on the other sprue)

Assembled and Primed

One Hekatos

mortek guards ossiarch bonereapers

Note that the Hekatos is defined by his shield, sword, head (2choices). So that means i could have used a different body.

mortek guards ossiarch bonereapers

Here 2 models assembled they are primed light grey with a white zenithal from the top. I want to paint them with contrast paints, I'll post my recipe once done!

That's it for now!

Mortek guard is a very fine kit! mixing perfectly simplicity and customisation. Maybe the models are a bit small but once i have 120 of them on the table it will be ok i think :D