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Painting Ossiarch Bonereapers with Contrast paints

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Hello everyone !!!

Following my post about the Mortek Guard models, I wanted to share a simple painting process for the Ossiarch.

painting mortek guard contrast age of sigmar

Preparing the Model

Models are painted without the shield, it's 10 times easier and doesn't take much more time. So I glue the body (it's easy, it's only 2 parts) then the head and the weapon arm. Next, I glue it on a base and place it on a GW handle. lastly I glue the shield to paper clip inserted into a wine/champagne cap.

painting mortek guard contrast age of sigmar

Prime / Zenithal / Varnish

I use an airbrush but you can do it with a brush or a spray can, but it's easier with an AB (you can use a very cheap one from amazon if you only want to do zenithal)

-Start by priming the whole model with light grey (i mix stynylrez grey and white 35/65)
-Do a Zenithal from the top and side with pure white.
-Then spray a thin coat of Gloss varnish, this step is optional but the Contrast paint flows a lot better with it, staining a lot less flat surface. So maybe you can avoid it on small skeletons like Ossiarch Mortek guards but if you plan to paint Space Marines with this method, always do a thin coat of gloss varnish to help the paint flow!

At the end you should have something close to this !
painting mortek guard contrast age of sigmar
painting mortek guard contrast age of sigmar


To be honest the previous step is 50% of the work all that left is applying contrast and then do some highlight.

Start with bones

-One coat of Squelleton Hordes contrast paint. Be neat plz and use a small brush on details and zone limit. I use a size 1 or 2 for the large area but I don't hesitate to bring a 2/0 for all the small zone like the hands, blade guard, top of the shield, helmet ...Contrast paints are super fast to use but you are going to lose a lot of time if you have to correct a lot of blunders.
ps: To correct a mistake with contrast, wait for the paint to dry then apply white and use contrast on it.

-Highlight the bones with an Off white, any off white is fine I used Mojave white from Scale 75 this time but Ushapti bones(gw) Jack bones from P3 would work too.

End result :

painting mortek guard contrast age of sigmar

Armor and sword

-One coat of Space Wolves Grey from the contrast line, again use a small brush to avoid or at least limit mistakes ^^ (i used a 2/0 here).

-Highlight with pure white by doing a lining or some thin glazes.

painting mortek guard contrast age of sigmar


-Pre Highlight with white on the part you want the most light red.

-Paint one thick coat of Contrast Blood Angels Red.

-Then Highlight the zone with white again

-Paint one thin coat of red (not contrast). Any intense red would work. But if you have some GW blood angel red it's even better.

painting mortek guard contrast age of sigmar

More details and blend

If you want to spend a little more time you can add some shadow/highlight to increase the contrast a bit more (the light shadow value not the paint ^^).

-Add shadow with a dark blue/green, I use scale Abyssal blue, but Iron Coal from P3 is good too.

-Add highlight with a sky blue + white this time I used Bering blue by scale 75

painting mortek guard contrast age of sigmar

It's not a big difference in the image but it makes the job IRL.

(obviously, i did it on the left Hecatos and not on the right Trooper)

Final thought

painting mortek guard contrast age of sigmar

Really easy and fast way to get decent models on the table. I prefer to go for stark highlight as it looks better on the battlefield.

Better to paint a small batch of models instead of one by one. Don't go crazy of the batch size as it can transform painting in a Chore :/ On the other hand, I usually do the priming in one big go as it's easy and relaxing to do.

Options : You can swap Space Wolves grey with basillicanum grey, red with green, purple or blue. You could even do the bones with another colour completely.

Hope you like it !

Happy painting.


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