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Shopping : Buying Dark Uprising online with a large discount !

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Hello everyone !!

Last Saturday Dark Uprising went on pre-orders, the price is 175£ a very high one and it's even worse in Euros at 230 (instead of 205 €). I won't even comment on the US and Australian price as it's completely crazy. Good news, if you are in the Euros zone, you can get the box at a more reasonable price!

This is aimed at EU buyers that are not in the UK, maybe it could work from somewhere else but that outside the scope of this post. Recently I noticed a larger and larger discrepancy between the EU price and the GB price. Sadly PayPal change rate and extra charge coupled with port price prevented really good deal!

Rejoice because I have a solution to benefit from the discount offered by element game and from the low £ exchange rate!


The process is quite easy but you need a bank account, a credit card and a smartphone plus the urge to buy plastic crack!

Shop onlinne

First go to element game .

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

Ps : Blog is an Element Games Affiliate.

Second : Create an account and add Dark Uprising to your Shopping cart. Off course this work with any other product they sell.

Create a revolut Account

Go to this page: or search for the Revolut app on your phone. Yea it's an application so you need to use a phone.

Create a standard account in EURO (or your local currency) do all the confirmation stuff (long and boring)

Create a virtual Card

On the app, there is a Card Tab where you can create a virtual credit card that you can use online. Follow the procedure it's quite easy and get you a virtual card.

You should have something like this :

dark uprising discount revolut

note: to see the card number and CCV on your phone, you need to click on the left top corner (the eye)

Deposit Money onto revolut

Add money to your Revolut account, the fastest is using a credit card (but cost 1,13€ per 100€) or use a bank account (or PayPal account) to transfer (slower but free).

Still use your local currency (so €), the plan is to let Revolut do the change operation and benefit from their good rate and no charge.

To know how much money you need to move to buy in pounds you can use the Change tool (no need to do the change yourself but you can check how much you need to deposit)

for example, if you want to buy dark uprising on Element Games for 140£ you can check how many euros to add.

dark uprising discount revolut

140£ is right now 163.40 € and if you add 6.90£ port, the final price is 171.42€.

59€ saved just by installing an App? fuck yea.


Do the Checkout procedure normally and use the virtual card you have created on Revolut to pay. Congrats you have benefited from the free market ;)

Pro Tips: To check if a specific webstore accepts the virtual card, you can do a buy without enough money on the Revolut account. If your log say: not enough fund it's ok. If there is nothing happening or you can't validate the transaction, that mean the card is not accepted here.

Happy shopping!