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Hobby Life : Adopt a good painting position.

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Hello everyone !!

Sitting in the right position when painting is very important especially when you do long session ^^ Today I found this post of Facebook.

Disclaimer : Tom Taylor Bigg made this post on Eavier Metal Facebook Group to give advice on how to have better sitting position while painting. Images and Text are from him as well !!

Seating for hobby.

I’m a massage and physical therapist – I work with people with back, neck and shoulder pain every day. I see quite a few people in the hobby talk about back pain and discomfort so I thought I’d try to give some pointers.

I would emphasise this isn’t exhaustive or even particularly comprehensive, so if you have pain try different approaches. See a professional! Other solutions could be standing desks and kneeling chairs.

I have had some training in posture, and have a lot of practical experience in troubleshooting people’s issue, but I’m not an ergonomic specialist so any feedback or things I’ve missed please do feel free to point them out and I will amend this document.

For sitting down in a way to minimize pain there is one key things to remember. A few slight adjustments can make a huge difference over time.

Sightline. Everything else follows from that. If your sightline is right your body tends to self organise better.

Most advice out there is about computer work position, so I’ve tried to adapt this advice for hobbying.

I’ve taken some pictures to illustrate.

good painting position miniature painters

Picture 1.

At the computer. I’ve marked the key joints in red.

1. Sightline slightly downwards

2. Neck joint is above shoulders

3. Back straight and supported all the way up

4. Shoulders above hips

5. Elbows supported

6. Feet in front of knees


good painting position miniature painters

Picture 2. (How you shouldn’t do it!)

Hobby from the same seated position. Lamp is positioned in front of me. This is a bad posture.

1. Lightsource isn’t far enough forward

2. Sightline is very down

3. Neck is stressed, forward of shoulder

4. Back is curved, unsupported

5. Shoulders are forward of hip


good painting position miniature painters

Picture 3.

I’ve adjusted my chair so that when I am holding the mini with supported elbows my head is much more level with it, so the sightline is better. I’ve moved my chair height down significantly and made sure lamp is positioned much further towards me.

1. As light is above me I don’t have to lean forward

2. Sightline is slightly downwards

3. Neck joint is in decent position

4. Back is straight and supported

5. Feet in front of knees

The original post is here :

Thanks a lot Mr Bigg !!

Spoiler alert: I am painting in an even worse position than the 2. To give you an idea my Wrist are on the edge of my desk ^^ it's bad i know :(