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Warhammer 40000 Psychic Awakening Blood of Baal fluff review

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Hello everyone !!

Blood of Baal is the third instalment of the ongoing series Psychic Awakening. The series is the aftermath of the galaxy post-Cadia/Indomitus crusade. The first episode was on Eldar and was moderately interesting, the second book about CSM & Black Templars was not great and I hope the third one will have some good fluff.

The situation in a nutshell

Psychic awakening 3 review

The Red Scar is a section of the galaxy that got hit by a tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan. This is the largest Nids invasion recorded (made by leviathan) and of course, at the core, there is Baal (the whole thing is named War Zone Baal).

To be honest, the fluff is not very detailed. It briefly talks about the event of Cryptec, where BA and Necrons allied together to defend those worlds. Then the hive fleet comes to Baal (Devastation of Baal). from there the timeline and the details are a bit foggy. But in a nutshell, Nids attack, all hope is lost.

In this version of the fluff, Blood Angels were saved by the Warp this time. When the great rift appeared after the fall of Cadia everything went upside down in the zone. When radars started working again, the Tyranids Motherships were gone...Nids were nom nom nom by the Big Warp. No words of Ka'Bandha leading an army of Khornate daemons to clear Baal Prime

Still, there were innumerable numbers of Nids everywhere in the sectors. And while they had reversed to animal behaviour because of the loss of their motherships. The situation looked grim for the Blood Angels. Again they are saved and this time by Gulliman and his Primaris. Together they took back half of the planet Baal giving the time to the BA to regroup.

If you want more details, read these wikis :

Dark side action

Then we a few short stories about how it goes from there :

-Some Flesh tearer combats descriptions.
-Guilliman appoint Dante as Imperium Nihilus Regent
-Dante and other chapter master make a plan to take back Angel halo and then all the sector.
-Everyone Obey Dante now.
-New Psychic beast draining Astropath and obscuring a full planet.
-No more black ship cruise the Nihilus Imperium.
-SM librarians are doing scan for Psykers in the population, especially in all the refugees camp.
Psychic awakening 3 review

-An abnormal amount of human psyker is appearing. Even if the Black ships were here it would still be too much!
-Primaris fall to the black rage like other marines, meaning they are true sons of Sanguinius. Eliminator sergeant, Chaplain are examples given in the fluff.
Psychic awakening 3 review
Psychic awakening 3 review


The book is interesting fluff wise nothing earth breaking but in 20 pages you see what the situation is in the zone, what are doing the Blood Angels and give some hints of what's going to happen.

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