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Warhammer 40000 Animes !

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hello everyone !!

The last surprise of the Open Day was a compilation of action-packed animation from the freshly forged Warhammer Media team…

Some are early proofs of concept, or “what if?” material, the team has been playing around with. Others may be released as fully realised animated series. As to which of the animations falls into which camp, stay tuned over the coming months for updates. One thing is for sure – there’s some incredible Warhammer content coming to your screens.

The first project due for completion is, of course, Angels of Death. We don’t know about you, but we think it’s coming along rather nicely

Written by the Warhammer Story Forge (more on those fine wordsmiths soon), Angels of Death is being animated in collaboration with Richard Boylan and Boman Modine. Some of you may remember Richard’s striking and atmospheric work from the fan-made animation of the Helsreach audiobook, and Richard and Boman collaborated on Guardsman. Alongside the Warhammer Story Forge, the team is creating something really special – an all-new Blood Angels story brought to visceral life. This is the 41st Millennium you always dreamed of seeing on screen.

So :

-Newly made Media Team is making Anime Content.
-Angel of death is made by Boylan (Hellsreach) and Boman Modine
-The first project due for completion is Angel of Death
-AOD trailer to be released January at LVO

warhammer 40000 anime
warhammer 40000 anime
warhammer 40000 anime
warhammer 40000 anime
warhammer 40000 anime
warhammer 40000 anime

That look cool but i wait and see ^^