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Age of Sigmar : Slave to Darkness Next Week on pre-orders !

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Hello everyone !!

This is it, they are coming at last !!! The Slaves to Darkness !!

Start Collecting !

Slaves to Darkness box full of completely new models that can only be found in this box. You’ll get nine updated Chaos Warriors, plus a Champion, five mounted Chaos Knights, a stunning Chaos Lord mounted on a Karkadrak and a Chaos beast we’ve never seen before.

slave to darkness age of sigmar

Best Start Collecting Ever!

Slaves To Darkness Battletome

slave to darkness age of sigmar

Battletome: Slaves to Darkness – in standard and limited editions, alongside digital formats. This book is so much more than just rules though, as it is filled with stunning art and it expands on Archaon’s plans to dominate the Mortal Realms – any fan of Chaos will want to read this for the background alone.

Hoo i Hope great Archaon / Varanguard synergies !!! Chaos is BACK BABY !

Endless Spells

slave to darkness age of sigmar

the Endless Spells for the Slaves to Darkness. Each of them reveals insight into how the power of Chaos corrupts and infects the reality of the Mortal Realms. The Darkfire Daemonrift spews chaotic flame through a tear in reality, growing stronger in the presence of magic, while the Realm Scourge Rupture reveals jagged shards of twisted metal thrusting up through a rent in the ground. The floating Eightfold Doom-Sigil harnesses the souls of the fallen to empower your Slaves to Darkness units, making them even more deadly so they can harvest ever more souls for their dark masters.

The Fire breathing one is incredible the other two are stylish enough.

Marauders forces !

At the forefront of Archaon’s armies march the crazed cultists of the Bloodwind Spoil. That’s right – the warbands of Warcry form core units in this new army. Each one will get its own box for use with Warhammer Age of Sigmar with double the sprues of the original box.

Awesome new marauders, I guess ^^ Still 18 models is weird for list building or there is something i don't know yet :D

slave to darkness age of sigmar
slave to darkness age of sigmar
slave to darkness age of sigmar
slave to darkness age of sigmar
slave to darkness age of sigmar
slave to darkness age of sigmar

The Hype is strong this week !!!