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Age of Sigmar : Slave to Darkness the Dark Prophecy Era !

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Hello everyone !!

GW released today a small preview of Slave to Darkness rules. As usual we get a mix of Aura buff, conditional rules and so on...
But they also previewed one command ability, the one Archaon Himself can use if he's the general of the army. I really think this command ability is cumbersome to use as written in a tournament. The fact that you have to keep the dice secret for up 2 player turns is incredibly unpractical in a big event. Ho, I agree the rule is super interesting and allow you to take total control of the game ...
Even if you roll 1 to 3 you can still bluff force your adversary to play defensive. If he doesn't take the bait the power is optional and you can still roll the dice^^ and the opposite is also true. Imagine you roll a 5 but don't want to go first next turn you can fall back on rolling the dice.
All of this happens while your dice result is kept secret...What happens if you bump dice or if the opponent bumps the dice? Do you call a ref to check the result each time you roll ?

Also what happens if each player play one Archaon? Yea the rule is super cool but awkward to use ^^ I'll wait the 15 days errata before planning an army on this power ^^

Other than that the Khorne Aura is pretty tasty, is that the Chaos Mark for heroes and General?

slaves to darkness

What do you think ?