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Cute new tank For Horus Heresy : Legion Arquitor Bombard

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Hello everyone !!

Legion Arquitor Bombard : With its reinforced chassis and brutal short-range firepower, the Legion Arquitor Bombard is called upon to break the most stubborn enemy fortifications or annihilate massed troops and armour

The Bombard can be equipped with a variety of weapons, the most esoteric of which is the graviton-charge cannon, shown here. Like all graviton weapons, it pulverises its targets, cracking bones and rupturing organs.

The Legion Arquitor Bombard can be fielded by both the traitors and the loyalists in units of up to three vehicles. It’s sure to prove a popular weapon on the battlefields of the Age of Darkness.

Legion Arquitor Bombard dark angel dark heresy

Legion Arquitor Bombard dark angel dark heresy

Dark Angels Interemptors
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Armed with plasma burners, they bring absolute devastation to your enemies. (Good alternate plasma gun !!)


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