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Age of Sigmar : Slaves to Darkness Ravagers Legion review

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Hello everyone !!

Ravagers is the first Legion in the book, it's supposed to be the basic Slaves to Darkness army. Multiple Heroes and units with a focus on Marauders and Cultist.

As usual, let's start with the battle trait

Glory for the taking

slaves to darkness battletome review legion Ravagers

This is the one passive power granted to the Ravagers Legion. Daemon Princes are excluded (+Be'lakor). That mean Archaon or Gaunt benefit from the ability.
Glory for the taking allow up to 5 heroes to get a command trait and they can use them even if not general. It's a neat ability, sadly there is only 6 Warlord trait for the Ravagers (no list for casters, warcry monster ....) . Also while the options are limited some are interesting.

As we are speaking of the Ravagers command traits let's look at them.

slaves to darkness battletome review legion Ravagers

  • +2 wounds is ok

  • Free command ability but need to target cultists, also it's not gonna help them that much

  • +2/-2 on the eye of the gods is quite cool on a Chaos Lord on Manticore

slaves to darkness battletome review legion Ravagers

    Rerolling wounds and Hits against order is very good, especially on a Karkadrak lord. Also Order is the most common army
  • extra mortal on 6 to wounds, okish if you take a lord with a flail

  • behh :/

As you can see the Warlord traits are not the best but there some good options.
The Second benefit of Glory for the Taking is General Switching ^^ It's a neat trick allowing to move the general bubble around the battlefield. But with the Aura being wholly within it's going to take a lot of training and positioning to get value out of it.

The ravagers legion also offer a command ability.

Rally the Tribes

slaves to darkness battletome review legion Ravagers

This is the strong point of this Legion, you can summon 10 marauders each turn if you a command point.
Marauders are a good choice as you can appear wholly within 6'' of an edge and then charge at least 8'' (and 11" average) with boundless ferocity and drummer. That's 14-17" from each board edge under the threat of a Marauder rush.
Still, it cost one command point per turn and if you play 5 heroes you may want to use their command abilities as well.
As the power is limited to once per general you also have to switch your general and that start to make a lot of moving parts in this scenario.

It's a fun ability but kind of hard to capitalise on it considering the cost.


slaves to darkness battletome review legion Ravagers
slaves to darkness battletome review legion Ravagers

Ho my god, they are bad :(. Seeing all this shitty relics I wonder if the lists from Malign Sorcery are changing soon...On the other hand, it would be weird as they just sold the Mini Gaming Book with all the relics inside. (very handy book).

That's it for the Ravagers Legion !! only one left.


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