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Age of Sigmar : Wrath of the Everchosen rules review

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Hello everyone !!

Today I finally received Wrath of the Everchosen (delivery are a pain these days ^^). I want to review all the Matched play rules right now, then I'll do Fluff in a second post and then a third will treat the sieges and other fun rules to spice your games.


The Wrath of the Everchosen is a hardcover book with 102 pages. It's a new chapter in the Soul War, where the force of Death invades the 8 points until Archaon come back from his Slaanesh hunt ^^.
This book provides Chaos with a bunch of new options, you get one new faction and 13 hosts/clan/sub-factions for different Chaos Army.

The legion of Chaos Ascendant

This is the new allegiance available to Chaos player. It's the legion of the first prince (Be Lakor) and is a mix of chaos daemon from the 4 gods.
It's not obvious but when you choose Legion of Chaos Ascendant you can choose a Host (like a sub-faction). There is only one available it's the Host of the Dark Prince so in everything I say I consider these extra rules as well.

One Allegiance to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them

Yea it's a Dark Menagerie Chaos Allegiance, the only limitation is Chaos Daemon Keyword must be present on the Warscroll. If you have been following the Warscrolls revision for Daemons in the last 2 years, you'll notice that the numbers of Keywords flavoured rules have been greatly reduced! That means that now you can "kind" of mix different chaos gods daemons. IIRC Only Plaguesbearers still have Locus rules on their Warscrolls.

note that Mortal Nurgle fly riders are daemons!

The Allegiance gets 2 rules :

Wrath of Archaon review

Both are fine rules and will help the army :

Infernal RealmWalkers is 16% more wounds in your army without any range or warscrolls restriction. Note all major daemons gain a bit more than 2 wounds from this one. One command trait grants a +1 to these rolls (but you have to no use Be Lakor as a general)
note: these abilities stack!

Unyelding Legions

Allow you to summon a unit of 10 daemons on a 10+ with 3d6. it's a 62% chance to get it. On 5 rounds game, you will usually pass 3.1 summon.
Off course summoning 10 Horrors of Tzeentch is incredible now ^^

Wrath of Archaon review

The three command traits are great! it's a shame that the First Prince Himself can't benefit from one of them :(

note: it's +8% on summoning chance of +16% on the Infernal realm walker.

Wrath of Archaon review

Relics are not good :/ and the ignore rend amulet is too good to pass(for now) ^^

Wrath of Archaon review

Echo of Hatred is crazy good ^^ Spirit Gouge bully Death for Fluff reason ^^ and Bolt of ruin is an extra d3!
Still, the Echo of Hatred on a Greater Daemon before charging in is so nasty !!!

Host of the DarkPrince

Free rules that you can get without losing anything ^^

Wrath of Archaon review

Holy shite that some demanding but powerful rules.

First Damned Prince

If you have one of each daemon unit or herald within 8" of Be'Lakor you can reroll all hits and wounds rolls for him. it's quite strong if you can have it. 6 Attacks with 3+ 3+ -1 Damage 2 is not bad.
But that's not all if Be'Lakor is within 8" you get a 4+ wounds redirection! for a 4++ 4++ 6++ with 8 wounds and a healing mechanism! that's 22.5 wounds you need to inflict!

The Shadow Legion

It's nice, notice that all keywords are plural form and of course exclude premium version of these daemon units. It's a strong command ability for sure but still, it hurt losing the general Trait :/

Extra Spell
Good spell but again affect only basic daemon troopers :/

That's it for the new Allegiance included in the book. Very fun faction but a bit random with all these summon rolls to pass ^^

ps: I think we will get more host option in a close future!

12 Host lefts ;)

All the host left are sub-factions for the other 4 gods! remark that one is for the Slave to Darkness! Keep in mind that each host still has access to his god's general rules.

Will only comment a few of them as it's simply too much to chew ^^

  • Knights of the Empty Throne
  • Slave to Darkness host, if you don't have Archaon, Varanguard are heroes. They don't get the lookout sire! , and can only choose from a list of 3 Relics and 3 Command traits :(

    Wrath of Archaon review

    Lastly, they get a command ability that you can use once per phase when you lose a unit of Varanguards, pay 1 cp and on a 5+ you get a new unit (3models).

    Not a fan of this one to be honest. A lot off better options for Varanguards.

  • The FLayed (Khorne)

  • Focusing on Mortal Khorne unit, they all get a rule granting +1 to save for all the battle if you kill a monster or heroes in melee. They also get a +1 to hit when charging command ability. Command trait let you reroll prayers and the relics are +2 to charge.

  • Balefull Lords (Khorne)
  • Wrath of Archaon review

    Simple, your Bloodthirsters can fly, run, and charge with +1 on the roll. And you can take 5 in a 2000pts list!

    note that the Command trait is "Within" not wholly within ^^

    My favourite Host EVER!

  • Unbound Flux

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  • Cult of the Thousand Eyes

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  • Munificent Wanderers

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  • Droning Guards

  • Wrath of Archaon review

    Hmm i love this one !!! reducing rend in melee is very cool and the +1 to disgusting resilient help a lot. The extra 4" made first turn charge more reliable.

  • Blessed Sons

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  • Drowned Men

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  • Lurid Haze

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  • Faultless Blades

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  • Scarlet Cavalcade

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    Hmm the double charge thing is cute !!

ps: I will (maybe) complete the different host at a later time ^^ Too much to review


I dislike the rules format used in this book, each host being linked to old Battletomes rules is poor form and increase the rules bloat to new height ^^ Or at least include Host Cards (like scenery or Endless Spells) for ease of use.
Still, that's a lot of new options and as a player, I enjoy having them !! Also a bit sad that Beastmen are completely ignored.