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Necromunda : House of Chains preview and 2020 Road map

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Hello everyone !!!

Introduction :

Next weekend House of chains goes on pre-order. It's a 160 pages, new sort of book for Necromunda. Close to a Warhammer 40000 army codex. The book includes all the present Goliath house rules, New types of fighters. Lot's of customisation rules and options and a very large fluff section.
Accompanying the Houses of Chain release are Plastics models for new profile provided by the book. Resins models made by Forge Worlds for alliance options.
Lastly, We also learn the 4 Houses codexes are being released this year.

House of Chains

This is a real Goliath Codex with everything you expect to find inside a Warhammer 40000 codex.

Background :

Background Stories presenting the House Goliath, the Hierarchie from the Over Tyrant to the Juvie, the different income source and industries, territories and some famous crew!

Goliath over Tyrant

Lovely artwork !! I'll hope we will learn new info on the Goliath and their place in the Hive Primus ecosystem.

New models :

New Plastic Models are also coming with the codex. Goliath get at least 2 new fighters: Forge Born (prospect) and Stimmer (Champion)

House of chains preview

Models were already revealed some time ago. IMO, They look cool but the painting makes them a bit bland.

House of chains preview

They are upgraded Juvies with +1T and +2CI and use specific weapons like the Storm Welder

House of chains preview

Not a fan of Forge Born getting specific ranged weapons, why ganger can't use them ? or Champion? It feels artificial ...

The second new fighter is the STIMMER, a Goliath specific Champion. They look gigantics on the pics and get a STIM PACK rule named Combat Chems Stash. Use it to Increase their numbers of attack (+1d3 attacks but on a roll of 1 it's a bad reaction and you make only one attack)

New rules by the dozens

If House of Chains is a new codex, it's expected to have quite the number of extra rules to convince player buying it ^^ To be fair it looks well furnished and that should do the trick (at least with me ^^) :

Goliath gets a New specific hanger-on. "The pit trainer" , Train your Fighters between battles, but at a risk! on a 2+ it's fine you get a new random skill for the battle but on a 1 the fighter miss the battle and get a lasting wound :(...

House of chains preview

Exploring the birth of Goliath, we learn babies are usually growth in Vat but you also get the option to Upgrade them to Natural birth or Outsider. Vatborn, Natborn and Unborn fighters can all take different Gene-smithed upgrades that increase both their characteristics and credit cost.
ie: Take Dermal Hardening for a Vatborn and give him +1 Toughness !!!!

House of chains preview

Wow starting with T5 is big! I am excited to try all these options !!

Another novelty is a Goliath Specific Skill list: MUSCLE! As you expect it's a specific set of skill reserved to the Goliath gang that focus on being a moutain of muscle ^^

House of chains preview


Goliath gangs can ally with the Slave Guild or Greim noble house. If you chose Slave Guild you get access to new models !! Available are: Chain Lord, Shaklemen and Pit Fighters

House of chains preview

Wow, amazing models !! the Chain lord is very very cool. The spirit of Blanche is strong in this one ^^

Another year of Rule bloat?

So yes, it's another series of book that you need/want to buy. Off course it's sucks if you started in Season 1 and have already everything. But right now you "only" need the Rules book and the book of gangs to play (i mean in term of books not all the other stuff like models and scenery) It's not that much when you think about it.
This year it's 4 codexes specific book. One for each House, so you don't need all of them. I hope, what happens if all the Houses can ally with Slaver guild? Or Noble house Greim ?
Also don't expect them to compile all codex into one, each House book is 160 pages.

House of chains preview

The year 2020 in details :

House of chains preview

4 Books are coming, I would have prefered the 6 main houses done in a shorter time but heh it's Forge Worlds ^^. If each release is like House of Chains it's going to be a good year. Plastics models as main fighters, Resins models as /allied/Noblehouse and a bunch of rules to customise the gangs.
They didn't reveal any Spyrer info, but in the preview article, the Goliath have the option to ally the Noble house Greim or the Slaver guild. Maybe house Greim add a spryer option?

I am fed up recently with the Book Spam in GW games. But the direction took by Necromunda this year, make sense. One codex and plenty of new models each time, I just hope that between each codex we are not getting an extra book with some random rules...

What is your take on this Necromunda Roadmap? Happy or not ?