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Age Of Sigmar : Kharadron And TZEENTCH small update

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Hello everyone !!

Small but important update for Tzeentch and Kharadron!

Disciple of Tzeentch

The Destiny Dice used during a morale test count as unmodified. That means you can use a 1 from a Destiny dice on a Pink Horror unit morale test including an Icon Bearer. Yes you pass and gain 1d6 Pink Horrors !!

Disciples of Tzeentch was already very strong but now you get a perfect way to recycle those 1 ^^

Kharadron Overlord

can you start the game in garrison?

Q: When I set up a Skyvessel before the battle begins, can I
set up units in its garrison?

A: If the unit is part of the same battalion as the
Skyvessel, it can be set up as part of the Skyvessel’s
garrison at the same time the Skyvessel is set up.

If the unit is not part of the same battalion as the Skyvessel,
the Skyvessel must be set up first, and the unit can be
added to its garrison when you are allowed to set up that
unit before the battle begins.

1) So if you are from the same Battalion you can start the game in garrison and you deploy everything at the same time as usual with Warscroll Battalion!

2) If you are not from the Same battalion, you can start the game in garrison if the vessel was already deployed.

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