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Warhammer 40000 Animated : Empire, Chaos and Heresy !

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Hello everyone !!

A few week back GW revealed the teaser of Angels of Death . Today more info come our ways !

Helmed by the talented creatives who make up the Storyforge team, this new endeavour promises to be a treat for fans of the Dark Millennium. Word on the street is the first episode is penned by none other than Andy Smillie, the Black Library author who has left a blood-spattered trail of Flesh Tearers fiction in his wake. Sure, it might be an animation, but if the tidbits we’ve heard so far are anything to go by, you can expect all the visceral action* that is the hallmark of Warhammer 40,000!

Name is not official yet.

From what i know they want to do something like "Love, Death and Robot" for 40k...If you don't know what that is check the trailer here :

it's Animated Short for mature audience made by netflix and produced by and miller Fincher...some stories are very good some other are ok-ish. The Yogurt overlord is simply genius ^^

Now back to GW! It's a good idea to get inspired by Netflix, but I am afraid the budgets are not going to be even comparable ^^ So maybe they do it with old school drawing instead of CGI

Still it's always good news to see the Franchise expand!


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