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Necromunda : Goliath Zerker & Slaver Entourage also on pre orders

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Hello everyone !!!!

House of Chains and the Goliath goes on pre-orders at GW today :

But Forge world also released a new model the ZERKER !!

House of Chains Content

Inside this book, you will find:
- House Goliath History and Background: an expansive and extensive background on the House Goliath, includes a timeline of the development of House Goliath over three millennia.
- House Goliath Gang List: includes all the rules you need to know in order to field a Goliath Gang in games of Necromunda.
- Hangers-on and Brutes: includes rules for hiring Hangers-on and Brutes, including Goliath-specific ones, for your Gang.
- Hired Guns: includes rules for using Bounty Hunters, House Agents, and Hive Scum.
- Strong Alliances: includes rules for using and forming alliances with three other organisations within Necromunda that House Goliath has connections with, including the Slave Guild, the Narco Guild and House Greim – the Noble House that backs Goliath.
- Additional Rules: this section includes new and additional rules usable by House Goliath gangs in games of Necromunda, providing Goliath players a variety of new options, including Skills, Abilities, Gang-specific terrain.
- Slave Ogryn Gang History and Background, and Gang List: contains a brief background section on the Slave Ogryn Gang, along with all the rules required to field a Slave Ogryn Gang.
- Weapon Reference Chart: contains a comprehensive weapons reference chart for all weapons and wargear available to House Goliath and their Allies.
- House Goliath Gang Tactics: contains a D66 table of Goliath Gang Tactics for use in Scenarios.
- Dramatis Personae: includes rules for hiring and using six brand new Dramatis Personae characters in your games of Necromunda.

The Contents page from the pre-order page is really blurry but there is a lot of stuff !

Goliath Zerker
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A type of Brute exclusive to House Goliath, the 'Zerker is a fighter whose body has become warped and swollen to gigantic proportions by the effects of the combat stimms pumping through their veins. While a Stimmer is fully in control of this process, the 'Zerker is entirely at its mercy, their system unable to control the rapid and chaotic changes to their bones and muscles.

goliath house of chains
goliath house of chains
goliath house of chains 30€

Slaver Entourage !!
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Improve your Goliath Gang's chances of success in the underhive by forming an alliance with a Slave Guild. This opens up the option of including a Slaver Entourage in your forces, offering even more close combat hitting power to your gang. 53€

I really like the zerker model and those Slaver entourage. In the end, House of chains is a really nice release for Necromunda. Now i have one question left. Slavers are Goliath only ? or not ?