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Pyschic Awakening next chapter ! Waaagh !!!

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Hello everyone !!

The announcement of Saga of the Beast, the next PA book is near. WHTV just posted a fluff article about the 2 biggest Waaagh ever. They also hint that this new Waaagh is starting to look important too. We all know that ghazghkull thraka is coming back , most of the model was hinted at the last GW seminar. This all sounds cool, and i really hope we'll see some nice evolution in the orcs fluff...and maybe BIGGER orcs !!

Here some reading if you want to catch up with orcs big battle :

Fluff post by whtv:

Ullanor Crusade Wiki :

War of the Beast Wiki :

Third War for Armageddon (ignored but still was a big deal !) :

Good reading ^^