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Warhammer 40000 : Saga of the Beast ! Ragnar is a Person of Interest ? :D

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Hello everyone !!

You can read a new Saga of the Beast novel on the GW community website. It's nice the story announces the return of Ragnar Blackmane !!

Interesting part :

‘But where fear raises its head, there is also defiance,’ the Rune Priest shouted, spreading his arms. ‘The black wolf comes forth from the darkness of his lair. His strike will be rash, but it will draw blood. The green king and the black wolf will meet, and there upon the precipice of death shall they do battle unto its very ragged brink. The wolf has not howled its last breath. The green king awaits. Destiny awaits!’


ragnar is back warhammer 40000

he may need a new mini ^^

ragnar is back warhammer 40000