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Next week : Blackstone Fortress: Deadly Alliance (with the Zoat)

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Hello everyone !!!

The Deadly Alliance expansion is a totally new, standalone quest to test your explorers – replete with high-risk, high-reward excursions to put an end to an alarming phenomenon called the Seethe. Besides the Zoat retinue character, including its card and full rules for using it in your games of Warhammer 40,000, the box is loaded with location tiles, tokens, and tons of cards to represent new threats and loot for your explorers to discover.

Cool a new extension for Blackstone Fortress and this time i should have time to paint the Zoat before playing ^^

Middle-earth™ – Made to Order
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Bunch of stuff on made to order for Middle-earth. I usually don't bother with this game but the heroes pack is nice for RPG characters ^^

I hope everyone is doing well, Wash your hand and wear a mask :D