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Games Workshop is now closed ! (24/03 to 14/04 at least)

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Hello everyone !!

I hope you are doing ok and that you are fine.
Today gw sent a mail explaining that all shop and factory are now closed :

This means that all our Warhammer and Games Workshop stores will be shut from the 24th March until an initial date of the 14th April. We’ll also be closing our factory and distribution centres – so our online stores (Games Workshop, Forge World and Black Library) won’t be selling or shipping any physical products during this period either. If you’ve recently placed an order and are waiting for it to arrive, please give us 48 hours to contact you. If you've still got questions after that, then please drop our Customer Service team a line via email, they’ll be valiantly working from home to ensure you’re supported over this period.

Concerning Warhammer tv :

Now, more than ever, the wonderful spirit of friendship and cooperation that binds Warhammer hobbyists around the world is needed. With that in mind, the Warhammer Community and Warhammer TV teams are bunkered down in their hobby rooms at home ready to update with fun Warhammer news, articles and content each and every day.

I guess the preview for the 28 march is already planned and written so there is still that :D

Time to works on all the old plastic!

Wash your hands