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Psychic Awakening fluff : Primaris Traitors ? Or Primaris made from traitors legions ?

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Hello everyone !!

A very intriguing piece of fluff was released recently on the GW community website.

The novel describes 2 Brazen Drakes Greyshields companies reinforcing their new chapter. Upon arrival in orbit, they found the space marines homeworld ravaged and the chapter declared Traitoris. The narration starts with a Custodes Shield Captain asking to arrest them. Fight happen and half the fleet revolt...

Wtf ?

This is a weird Story

This is a huge fluff bomb, but honestly, the story doesn't make any sense...The Greyshields are reinforcement to an SM chapter so they were never with the chapter to begin with, right? the SM captain is a Primaris or a regular that served as a liaison to get the new Primaries ? Why the Custode wants to arrest these "Indomitus veterans Primaries that have never met with the Brazen Drakes chapter..??

Made from heretical Legion ?

‘The heretical gene-seed within your bodies is its own condemnation,’ Tyvar replied. ‘I am Custodes. I speak with the Emperor’s voice. Were you loyal, you would set down your weapons and accept your guilt. But you side with your brothers before your Emperor, as the Adeptus Astartes always have.’

What does he mean here? are they Primaries made from Traitorous Legion ? New primaries made from Brazen Drakes geneseed ? Or does he consider all Astarte Geneseed Heretical ?

What are Greyshields ?

The Unnumbered Sons was a classification of Primaris Space Marine that was created by Lord Commander Guilliman during the formation of the Indomitus Crusade. They were officially known as the Unnumbered Sons of the Primarchs, but some within their ranks referred to themselves as Greyshields.

Of the many thousands of Primaris Space Marines created by Archmagos Dominus Cawl, half were formed into new Chapters, from the so-called Ultima Founding, while the rest were gathered into nine Legion sized armies. These armies were descended from the nine loyalist gene-lines, who wore the livery of their founding Primarchs and were then further organized into Chapter-sized formations.

These armies were then made to fight in mixed gene-line squads, by Lord Commander Guilliman[1a], who hoped the different gene-lines would learn from each other and not repeat the misunderstandings that have occurred between Chapters in the past[1c]. Despite fighting in mixed units, the Unnumbered Sons were united by their prominent badges that were crossed with pale grey chevrons.[1a]

The Unnumbered Sons were a major force within the Indomitus Crusade, but as the Crusade progressed their strength dwindled; both from battle losses, as well as being separated from their groups on the orders of Lord Commander Guilliman.

Those Primaris Space Marines that were separated from the Unnumbered Sons, were usually assigned by companies, squadrons and even smaller numbers, to understrength Chapters encountered by the Indomitus Crusade. However, sometimes Guilliman created whole new Chapters where they were needed, such as when important worlds needed to be defended from the Imperium's enemies.

Sons of Guilliman could become Aurora Marines, Doom Eagles, etc., Sons of Dorn could become Black Templars, Imperial Fists, etc. and so on. However, by the time of the Battle of Raukos, only twenty thousand of the Unnumbered Sons remained within the Crusade[1a].

This proved to be the last battle the Unnumbered Sons would fight in though, as Lord Commander Guilliman officially ended the Indomitus Crusade and ordered the disbandment of the group[1b]. Some of the Unnumbered Sons were then formed into new Chapters[1b], such as the Knights Cerulean, Praetors of Ultramar[1e] and the Wolfspear[1c]; while most would take the lessons they had learned from each other, to established Chapters descended from their Primarchs.[1b].


I am not sure what to think of it... But i like to hear what you peoples think of this one ?