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Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Collector’s Edition Reveal

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Hello everyone !!!

Cubicle 7 Entertainment made a FB post about Souldbound :

We are in the final steps of putting together the PDF for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound. We’re making our last adjustments, putting together contents and appendices, and we’ve finally managed to wrangle up all the Skaven and stuff them into the book — we just need to hope they don’t gnaw their way out!

The PDF will launch later this week, along with the pre-order for the hard copy. Along with the Standard Edition of Soulbound, we’re excited to share a mock up of the Collector’s Edition, which you can see below.

The Soulbound Collector’s Edition book has a deep blue faux leather cover. A Stormcast Eternal warhammer and the symbols of the Mortal Realms are detailed in gold foil, and the pages have gold gilt edges. The book comes in a beautifully designed box, with a magnetically sealed lid. On the front of the box our Knight-Questor Vel Arturious and the Soulbound logo are picked out with spot UV which reflects the light. On the back of the box, The Undying King Nagash glares out, with his crackling green eyes also detailed in spot UV.

Both the Soulbound Collector’s Edition and the Standard Edition will be available to pre-order this week when the PDF goes on sale. Both editions come bundled with the PDF, which will be delivered as soon as you complete your purchase.

Please note that the content of both the Standard Edition and the Collector’s Edition is the same.

Really hyped about this one, i hope the game is good but i am more eager on the Mortar Realm fluff they are going to make !


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