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Reminder : 5 days before the price increase & Pre orders prices

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Hello everyone !!

Just to remind you that there is a Price Adjustment This June.

From the first of June, around 400 Warhammer products will change in price (there are well over 3,000 Warhammer items available right now). Most of the items that are changing haven’t moved in the price for years.

You can check all the price in GB here : Google sheet by Valrak

Or use this list on the official webstore : HERE

Eu Price here :

Fuck the EU / GB change rate...some increase are downright a scam. :
Sang priest price increase is 18 to 20£ (11% increase ) and 20 to 25€ (25% increase)

What do you think of this ? is it a good idea ? especially after a lockdown that saw the explosion of 3D printer owners. ?

I know it's a touchy subject so keep it civil plz :D


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