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Warhammer 40000 WHC teaser : New Rules for Admech

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Hello everyone !!

The Adeptus Mechanicus is one of my favourite recent armies. The GothicVerne style they choose on the last release and the next to come are great. A few years back the first models previewed were not very appealing to me. This is the past models are awesome, Mech is getting 3 new units and 1 new character with Psychic Awakening. Each of the new units is a multi kit boasting 2 or 3 variant.

If we compare the AdMech range to the other armies, apart from Sisters, the knights and the future Necron and primaries they have the coolest models.

So next PA is pre-orders on Saturday and as usual, we got a glimpse of what their rules are :

Make your own Chapter

As other PA book, you get to min-max your chapter rules with a list of primary or secondary.

adeptus mechanicus new rules
adeptus mechanicus new rules


Each of the old Forge World gets a new rule named canticle.

adeptus mechanicus new rules
adeptus mechanicus new rules

Holy order warlord traits !

If the 2 previous options were classical, the new Warlord trait designed especially for the Admech Lord is a new sort of power!

If your Warlord joins one of the four Holy Orders, they will be able to select the associated Warlord Trait. Each Holy Order gives you a choice of three abilities to select at the start of one of your turns. Throw in your lot in with the Magi to get these abilities.

adeptus mechanicus new rules


Off course Moar Stratagems are on the way ^^ If you consider that you get MORE CP at the start with the 9th and the book is written with the 9th in mind, don't expect to see a slowdown on the Stratagems spam!

adeptus mechanicus new rules

Hmm neat, completely Meta Dependant but the range is so short it's going to be hard to use.

adeptus mechanicus new rules


Serberys Cavalry

Steampunk cowboy :D

Each variant gets some very cool rules.

adeptus mechanicus new rules

adeptus mechanicus new rules

Eye of Serberys is very good!


adeptus mechanicus new rules

Such a beauty

The Archaeopter comes in three flavours – Transvector (a transport aircraft), Fusilave (a bomber) and Stratoraptor (a gunship). Regardless of their role, there are features that they all share. They each have a command uplink, making it easy to increase the Leadership of nearby troops.

adeptus mechanicus new rules

Will help!

adeptus mechanicus new rules

Damn, that's hot! Now I hope the 9th Flyer rules are good & fun!


Lots of new rules revealed. A lot more to be revealed, I am eager to see what's in store for the AdMech.
It's such a good army (Yea I am starting one right now :D)