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Warhammer 40000 Psychic Awakening : New Rules for Chaos Knights

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Hello everyone !!

Today Chaos Knight rules from PA got teased.
This time we look at these new rules with the early knowledge we have on the 9th. !! if you missed the Q/A on the 9th check the transcript here :

The houses !

One new thing added by the PA book is the "House" choice. There are 5 houses choices, 3 for the Iconoclasts and 2 for the infernals.
Iconoclast household has House Lucaris, House Herpetrax or House Khymere.
Infernals household has House Vertrix or House Khomentis.

Each house has its own Household Bond, Warlord Trait, Artefact of Tyranny and Stratagem.

Bond is the new passive that each house get.

adeptus mechanicus new rules

2 extra wounds is a nice as it applies to all your knights...

You'll also get an extra Warlord trait choice :

adeptus mechanicus new rules

Yea it's ok but nothing special or new.

adeptus mechanicus new rules

Very interesting Stratagem...if we consider that this is created with 9th in mind, maybe we can expect that more and more army get damage bomb stratagem? Is spending CP on damage stratagem the future ?

Another new stratagem revealed today is this one :

adeptus mechanicus new rules

Cool, we know already know that for CP in 9th we can put unit(s) in reserve and they enter the game in a later turn. It was hinted in the Q&A that you can flank as the turns go. This stratagem does it, for 2 cp and on a limited pool of unit and once. But you can set it up anywhere within 6 of an edge. I wonder what are the limits on the Core reserve stratagem!

Dread Household Bonds

As for nearly all the codex, PA let you build your own house by choosing 2 powers from a list.

adeptus mechanicus new rules

adeptus mechanicus new rules

Slayers of Kings is very good but don't forget that Bonus max at +1 in the 9th !

That's all for today...