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Warhammer 40000 daily : Crusade !

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Hello everyone !!

Transcript of the today Warhammer 40000 Daily.

Today the Theme is Crusade :

Crusade structure the narrative play.
There are missions for each size of the game (750 1000 1500 2000)

Crusade start at power level 25.
Army gain crusade points and XP with them you can: Add new units, heal battle scars, upgrade units, grant battle honours, get relics, Lvl up...

The Story is centred around your collection and break with the old Campaign design were everyone need to play the same numbers of games at the same rate...

They have the plan to expend the crusade setting: Eyes of terrors, Necron worlds, Vigilus...each time, the setting offers different options.

Each army has its own set of Crusade rules. Future Campaigns books will increase the options as well as a future codex.
ie: Blood Angels manage their Black Rage points, SM can put characters in a dread.

Different missions will grant different rewards.

Battle Scars = Trauma you get after a recovery rolls, you always have the option to HEAL the scar with requisition points.
ie: Angry Machine Spirit, vehicle become more aggressive and if you don't want that you pay some requisition points to remove the Scars.

Battle Honors = As units gain XP, they Lvl up and you gain access to Battle Honours. Rewards are different for Vehicles, Inf, Heroes...

Units have multiple ranks to Lvl up: Blooded, Veteran, ...

Use requisition points to Unlock some upgrade stratagems.

You can use Requisition points to get Relics based on the settings. Ie Relics near the Eyes of Terror are super powerful but not reliable..

Beta Testers were super excited (so much that gw had to slow them down).

2 balances mechanisms are included in case of different power / XP Lvl :
-You get inducement in the form of extra Command points if you have less XP.
-You play at the size game of the lower Power army.

Record Tracking : (Fun Paperwork)

-Crusade roster overall management of your collection.
-Each unit has a crusade warscroll: to track scars and XP ...DL and print for free soon or copy it from the book.

Crusade player Meet Matched Player.
Convert the Matched play army in Power Lvl, get some Free CP from inducement and play (it's simple as that).
It works very well.

Crusade Missions :
You gain experience for doing an activity related to the mission in the mission (finding relics, killing some stuff;..)
As opposed to the terrains in the Matched play section, the terrains in Crusade is not "fair" during ambush mission or stuff like that.

The crusade Core book is really good fun, but the future is even better with lot of good stuff coming! They invested a lot in this new system to keep the players base interested.

Crusade Conclusion

it looks a lot like how we used to play necromunda 20 years ago + Some inducement mechanism to Balance the army from Bloodbowl ^^
But this time it's for 40k. I hope it will be as good as promised :D

That's it for the transcripts.
Hope we are going to learn some new stuff soon...


Tomorrow is Match Play! (AT LAST )