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Video Games : New Necromunda Underhive Wars trailer !

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Hello everyone !!

New info and trailers on Necromunda Underhives :

-Andy Chambers is writing a Campaign for the final version of the game !
-New teaser on the steam page :

from polygon interview :

The game’s single-player campaign will ask players to take on the role of three different factions from the Necromunda universe. They include the all-female House Escher, the hulking brutes of House Goliath, and the miners of House Orlock. More factions will be released over time. Rogue Factor says the base game will include around an hour of narrative cutscenes.

Alongside the campaign, players will also have the opportunity to create their own gang of fighters and embark on missions against the AI and other players online. Multiplayer will allow for massive four-player battles, and also include a cooperative mode.

Necromunda: Underhive Wars was inspired by the tabletop game, but developers stressed during our interview that it’s not a direct port. Nor is it a reskin of Rogue Factor’s previous game, an adaptation of another Games Workshop license called Mordheim: City of the Damned.

Hey it's getting better !