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Warhammer 40000 daily : Matched Play ! (at last)

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Hello everyone !!

Today Stream on Warhammer TV is about Match Play (yay)
Starting at 15h30 BST.

Hope they reveal new info today :D

Transcript starting here :

Missions Pack

  • Mission pack is the new Meta : Missions, Size, restriction, rules, each of the 3 ways to play get a mission pack.

  • Expect Mission pack update when's needed.

  • 18 Matched play mission : 3 for Combat Patrol (500p) 6 missions for incursion (1k) 6 standard (2k) 3 for the bigger games.

  • Each Mission Pack will have different rules, IE : rules of 3 is in the Matched Play Pack.

  • We can imagine future missions packs will have some sort of extra new rules to change meta (IE : Rules of one).

  • Mission Pack allow to encapsulate Matched play and keep things fresh if you need it (meta, top list ...)

  • -Each mission pack will have a theme. (Objective-based, killing enemy army...) A bit similar on how Chater Approved missions had theme.


  • Secondary Objective? : Missions are based on Victory Points, a Primary objective to complete based on the mission. Plus a menu of secondary you choose at the start.

  • Expect codex to allow new secondary objectives based on the army theme

  • You pick one per category of secondary (there a multiple).

  • They want you to feel that secondaries obj are linked to your army ! and not arbitrary, very hard or impossible for your list.

  • ie : Raise your Banner: move somewhere and do the action of raising your banner.

  • Actions : is a new interaction, Most actions are based on secondary obj or crusade agenda.

  • There are psychics actions. Different type of actions as well

  • It's made to be robust framework to be used in the future of the 9th.

  • VP are maxed by turn/objectives, that means you can always try to come back later in the game. It sounds like a direct nerf to Alpha army.

  • Thematic Actions stu love : can't say because he love future thing not yet revealed ^^ but finally settled on raise the banner.

  • These new Mechanics offer a lot of new decision to players and will decide the outcome of the game.


  • Points values change : FOR EVERYTHING in 40k.

  • -everything had to be rebalance because of new edition

  • All points gone up slightly (to counter balance the end of 8th), to reduce a little the number of models on the ground. and make faster game

  • Stu saying he read on the internet : Why taking troops now ?. His answer : Don't assume anything based on the points right now.

  • Points are a lot easier to use compared to how they are presented now.

  • A lot of hard work already done for the players ! so playing and tournament organisation is made easy !

Look a lot like Steamroller from WMH ..