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Next Week on pre orders : warhammer 40000 Pariah

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Hello everyone !!

Next Week on pre-orders the Last Psychic awakening chapter: Pariah.
Necron And sister are the books main focus.

I really really hope the fluff justify this poor year of Warhammer 40000 release. Anyway, let's get over with this PA line and look optimistically at the future!
Still, 4 excellent models will also be on pre-orders :

Pariah the book !

warhammer rumour

Pariah includes the details of Humanity’s horrific battles within the Pariah Nexus, along with new missions to let you recreate the key battles of the war. There are rules for using the Inquisition in Warhammer 40,000 including datasheets, Stratagems, Warlord Traits, the Telethesia psychic discipline, and now it’s easier than ever for them to join Imperium forces. You’ll also get access to new Theatres of War rules. These recreate conflicts from the Psychic Awakening series that let you fight everywhere from perilous jungles to devoured worlds.

Illuminor Szeras

warhammer rumour

Very cool models and nice centrepiece for your new Necron army (until silent king off course !).

Lord Inquisitor Kyria Draxus

This Elven inquisitor will....wait for, what? :D

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Ephrael Stern and Kyganil

Stern was once a Seraphim from the Order of Our Martyred Lady, apparently slain by the followers of a Slaaneshi Greater Daemon. However, her service to the God-Emperor did not end in death, and since her resurrection, she’s been called both a saint and a heretic. Bound to Stern by the strands of fate is Kyganil, who was once a Harlequin. Now, this pair of outcasts cut a swathe through the galaxy, fighting the forces of Chaos wherever they find them.

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Able to join any Imperium army, these two are experts in close combat. With an incredible degree of motion and a range of textures, the models offer a superb painting project too.

Super hyped by these 2 models !!!

Daemonifuge graphic novel

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This edition is newly colourised and looks even better than ever.

Borken Saints !

Adepta Sororitas audio drama

Sister Adamanthea is a Repentia redeemed, restored to her beloved Sororitas and hailed as a living miracle. But behind closed doors, she is haunted by a sin she believes can never be forgiven.

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