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Age of Sigmar : General Handbook Pre orders & infos

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Hello everyone !!

If you play AOS don't forget that today the GHB 2020 goes on pre orders. Sadly this year no review as the Covid situation prevented the sending of the book :'(.

Element game sell the standard version at 16£ and you can pre order it by clicking the image (and giving us store credit ^^)

Warhammer rumour age of sigmar

Hero Creation
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GHB 2020 include The Anvil of Apotheosis, it's a Hero Creation system for most of the factions. You get to choose his points value, Ancestries, Weapons, Commands abilities, mounts, options.
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The Idea is to give rule support to kit bashed heroes !

It's an awesome idea and from what WarCom is saying we can use it in Matched Play at Destiny Points *x10 but they also say it's a suggested House rule. So I hope the hype get real and the thing get accepted in big event...

Bye Bye Malign Sorcery & Secondary Objectives
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Yea it's Realms Relics lists from Malign Sorcery are removed from Matched rules next week. I knew this one for quite some time and it makes totally sense as the implementation was bad and the relics Imbalanced...

Now Each realm has one warscrolls with : one Magic, One Feature, One Artefact One command ability. I don't know if you choose one realm during army creation or apply the Realm Warscroll at the start of the game. It make a lot of sense but still it sting to invalidate the mini book and the Sorcery book....

Auxiliary Objectives

Auxiliary Objectives are a new set of secondary goals that YOU choose before battle

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

It's a nice idea but will see the rules.

Warhammer rumour age of sigmar