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Warhammer 40000 : List of the rules changes from 8th to 9th !

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Hello everyone !!!

Tomorrow you will be able to pre-orders the Indomitus Box !!
A huge Value box, also, stock maybe not that big, so better order fast!
Today review is about recensing changes from 8th to 9th that I found in the core book.
This is Part 1, Part 2 is coming about weird interaction!

Let's get to it!

Command Phase

Command Phase is a new phase. You gain 1 CP if your army is Battle-forged. Missions scoring often happen in this phase.


  • Coherency rule change: If the unit is 6+ models, you need to be within 2" of 2 models from the same unit and in a single unit. (so no multiple packs of 2 models)
  • Engagement Range: The 8th rules didn't define what was the engagement range. Now it's 1" horizontally and 5" vertically so no more debate! (or less at least ^^)
  • Fall Back: Only titanic can now shoot after falling back! Flying units lost this ability. (Note that Airplane can still shoot after leaving melee, but not all flyers are airplanes.)
  • Staying Stationary is a movement option now.


  • Disembark is now wholly within 3".

  • If the transport is Destroyed, you can charge or Heroic intervention the same turn! (it's turn and not Battle round).
  • That sux for the Heroic intervention :/


    • Can leave the battlefield and come back next turn anywhere on the board, more than 9" but can't charge.
    • Ignore Engagement range of non-flying unit during move phase.
    • Aircraft models don't count to select the closest model for Heroic intervention or pile-in.
    • Special reserve rules for Aircraft now :
    • warhammer rumour

    Psychic Phase

    • Fall Back Psyker can't cast psychic powers unless Titanic.

    • You can use Psychic Power in engagement range.

    • If Perils of the Warp kill the caster, the power fails.


    • Only Inf gets -1 to hit for moving and shooting with Heavy Weapons.

    • Vehicles and Monster can shoot in melee but with -1 for Heavy weapons.

    • Tank and Monster can't use Blast Weapons in melee.

    • Blast is now : 3 shoots minimum vs 6+ units and max attack vs 11+.

    • Look out sir: Have to be within 3" of a friendly unit to benefit from the rule.


    • Charging with fly allow to ignore other models but not terrains.

    • You can go over terrain but have to pay the move ^^.

    • Multi Charge: You need to succeed your charge against every target units.

    • Overwatch is now a Stratagem.

    Heroic Intervention

    • Charge sub-phase.

    • Must be within 3" and 5" of enemy units.

    • Not if already in engagement range.

    • Move 3".

    • Aircraft (not flyer) can trigger an HI but doesn't count as closest model.

    • (weird, huh ?)

    Rolling Attacks

    • Modifier on DICE ROLLS don't stack, so it's +1 or -1. Note that you can use a +2 to cancel a -1 and still have a +1.

    • Six always hit or wounds.

    • Target controller assign hit.

    • Must assign first on a model that has been wounded or have been a target this phase.


    • Models can fight if in Engagement range of the target (1"/5")

    • Second ranks models can fight if within 1/2" of a friendly model within 1/2" of the target unit. So second ranks can't attack target on the

    • second floor ! only the first rank!

    • After charger attacked, the opponent is first to fight!

    • Must always use equipped Melee weapons! (to avoid wiping a unit)


    • Roll morale like in the 8th, if you fail you, loose 1 model no more no less.

    • If the check is failed: Roll a dice for each model, on a 1, you lose one extra model.

    • If a unit is below half strength subtract one from the D6 (so you loose model on 1 or 2, nasty)

    Coherency Check

    • Subphase of the Morale phase.

    • Check if the unit is in coherency, if not remove models until everyone is in coherency.

    • It's brutal, especially if you charged with the units! Don't mess up your consolidating move!

    Battle Forged Armies

    • Must use BFA for matched play.

    • Can't use Imperium, Nids, Eldar, Chaos, Ynnari keywords.

    • Get 12 CP +1 each turn if the army is battle forged.
    • warhammer rumour

    • Detachment will cost you CP instead of granting you some.

    • Detachment Cp cost is refunded if it includes your Warlord.
    • warhammer rumour

    • Auxiliary Support/Super-Heavy Auxiliary and Fortification don't gain Detachment abilities.


    • There are 7 Stratagems now.

    • Charge reroll nerfed as you must reroll both dices & reroll limited to what's in the list.

    • Insane Bravery is once per game.

    • Fire Overwatch is one per phase. (like all stratagem)

    • warhammer rumour

    Strategic Reserve

    warhammer rumour

    • It's new allow to place up to 50% of army in reserve, cost CP.

    • No reserve on turn 1

    • Flanking on Turn 2+

    • You can Deploy in melee range of an opponent if you are within 1" of your deployment zone table edge & unit count as having charged.

    warhammer rumour


    Entirely new concept! In a nutshell, one unit uses his turn to make an action and score/do Something in relation with the mission.

    warhammer rumour
    warhammer rumour

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