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Warhammer 40000 : Next Week on Pre Orders ! (updated with price)

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Hello everyone !!!!!!

Coming next week: Three new starter sets for Warhammer 40000, each tailored to a different entry-level for maximum accessibility.

Recruit Edition 32.5£

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10 Necron Warriors,
3 Scarab Swarms,
Royal Warden,
5 Assault Intercessors and a
Primaris Lieutenant

One gaming Mat, the box cover, a recruit ruleset (?)

Elite Edition 65£

warhammer rumour

10 Necron Warriors,
3 Scarab Swarms,
3 Skorpekh Destroyers,
1 Overlord,
5 Assault Intercessors,
3 Outriders
1 Primaris Captain
The Elite Manual
Better Transfert sheet

Command Edition 105£

warhammer rumour

Same models as ELITE but :

-fold-out, double-sided gaming board
-push-fit battlefield terrain to fight over (What Push FIT TERRAIN ?)
- 184-page rulebook included in the Command Edition

Paint Sets and Tool Kits 22.5£/27.5£

Three sets, 1 for marines 1 for Necrons 1 with only paints and tools (but bigger)

warhammer rumour
warhammer rumour
warhammer rumour

BattlefielD Horizons 55.5£

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The Warhammer 40,000 Command Edition Battlefield Expansion Set includes a fold-out, double-sided gaming board and a selection of 12 pieces of plastic push-fit terrain – both of which also feature in the Command Edition starter set. If you’re looking for a Combat Patrol battlefield, populated by the perfect amount of terrain, look no further. Similarly, this set serves perfectly as a supplement to the Command Edition (or another Battlefield Expansion Set) to expand the size of your gaming area and terrain collection to one suitable for Incursion-scale battles. Add another two, and you’re all set for a full Strike Force battlefield, complete with terrain!

Whoaaa these terrains look neat !!! I want to try them !!

Ps: Note Push, Fit Marines intercessor, are on last chance to buy!