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Warhammer Quest : Blackstone Fortress, the finale !

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Hello everyone !!

This is it, the end of Black Stone Fortress ! the last missions, the hardest one :D
Next week the last expansion for Warhammer Quest black fortresses goes on pre-orders. Would love some good fluff/revelation about the fortresses it would make the perfect closing chapter.

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

This expansion contains everything you need to play: the new quest, including two new Citadel miniatures for the Guardian Drones, board tiles, tokens, and cards.

EDIT : Look like you might need escalation expansion...

Can you make it to the climactic conclusion of Blackstone Fortress?

Also, now that WHQ BF is over what is the next WHQ step? I hope for something awesome !!!

Fire the Ursus Claw !
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Only presented in the video, also on pre-orders next week a resin pack for the Warhound: the Ursus claw (so on forge world I guess ?)


Escalation is required
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