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Video Games : necromunda underhive wars (no) Gameplay video

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Hello everyone !!

Necromunda Underhive wars release date is coming soon (8 September). Hence focus home interactive is actively releasing videos about the gameplay. Nearly everything about how the game is played should be known by now, but...Check these "Gameplay" videos.

Official gameplay video

All these videos are less than one week old.

Escher Gameplay:

Tactical Gameplay:

Gameplay overview:

After watching these, I have still no idea how this game is supposed to play? is it turn-by-turn? yougoigo? a mix of real-time and turn by turn? Baldur like? should I aim? it's rng? Is it Mordheim with a Necromunda skin?

Honestly, with 10 days left before release, it sounds fishy as fuck ...I know a lot of people are whining that there is only 3 gangs or 5 characters limit, but genuinely I don't care.

I just want to know how this game is played, is that too much to ask? Damn i was so much interested by this game...

Focus Home Interactive is already offering a discount...^^