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Beyond the Veil, crusade pack

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Hello everyone !!

The Pariah Crusade is getting real with Beyond the veil expansion book :

Beyond the Veil Mission Pack expansion. In addition to 24 brand-new Crusade missions (six for each size of game), the 112-page book provides new Agendas, Battle Traits, and Relics of the Nexus, as well as high-level background information on the Pariah Nexus and more besides.

This is cool, Crusade seems to be very well received ! Locally multiple campaigns have been launched. It really reminded me of how we used to play Necromunda 20 years ago...(holy shit did I just wrote 20 years ago). Also it's interesting to see the fluff included in Crusade Expansion (but it makes sense).

Kind of Hyped suddenly !!