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3d printing progress : Printing models for Pathfinder Role-playing Game

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Hello everyone !!

A few weeks back I was about to pre-order some FW stuff ( Dark Angels and several BB stars) and to my disappointment, the basket was already around 250€. Giving the order a second thought, on a whim, I decided instead to order a 3d resin printer ^^

That is how 2 weeks ago I received my first 3d printer: an Elegoo mars pro 2. After a few tries (fail) and a bit of setting/testing, I went in full production! for the Pathfinder game, I dm every week.

Last week I had printed around 10/12 models (mainly lizardmen and Dragonborn) + a full heroes team. To be honest, I don't use models for all the combat sequence, sometimes I want them to stay narrative and imaginary. It was the best session we had for a long time! it's incredible how a few printed models not even painted for the most part improved the immersion in the game.

We are playing next Friday (Act 2/3, Age of Ash path PF2e) and I am in full production mode right now !!!! here what I printed :

3 Nagas

warhammer rumour

Painted and based. I know it's quick to paint job but for the random monster, I keep it simple ^^

3 large Dragonborns

warhammer rumour

Skin is 90% complete I will improve the NMM a bit more and do the bones/horns/claw. It should be enough for a nice group of brutes ^^

The players

warhammer rumour

Sorcerer, barbarian, paladin, Halfling warrior, gnome wizard (missing a priest gnome)

Mobs and Boss

warhammer rumour

Dragon born sorceress (first try at a quality setting), golem, hell dog, dire crocodile, 1 kobold shaman, 1 kobold Dragon power-infused
Quality on the sorceress is very good! too bad there was a power outage and the print stopped before the then (she's supposed to have a dragon familiar on her staff)

The big crystal golem is "Hollow". I mean the inside is empty (it save a lot of resin actually) It was my first try and went very well.


warhammer rumour

Wrath Daemon hunting the group from the sky. Model is incredible and it was my first multipart print. Easy in the end ^^

Conclusion & Observation

Until now, I printed 35 models ( bit more if I include the fails) for a total investment of 450€ (printer, wash/curing station, resin, IPA). That means each model cost me 12€ for now. It's already less than the "meh" models you can find for Dnd5e and I still have enough resin for another 35 models. Off course if the Printer doesn't break down in a few weeks the price per model is going down at a very fast rate ^^, In the end, it's not even about the money. The pleasure to print, paint and play your models in an RPG is very fun! Still, it's nice to print a model for 1€ of resin ^^

I didn't start on the 40K/AOS custom bitz yet as I am not sure yet of what is allowed or not! but at the very least, I am planning to print one of these awesome Smash Captain!

I also plan to print models for different games I play regularly like Bloodbowl or Guildball!

This is the printer i use Elegoo Mars 2 pro (amazon link)