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Chapter Approved Tactical Deployment : The biggest meta change ever !

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Hello everyone !!

Come to a tournament with your terrains? that the promise GW make us with this new Chapter Approved mission pack.
Btw I'll do a full review this weekend when the NDA lifts!

Terrains points allotments

Each piece of terrain has a cost in terrain points. For a Combat Patrol-sized game, each player brings between 50-100 points of terrain, while at the other end of the spectrum, you’ll want 300-400 points each for an Onslaught battle. This means that you’ll always have the right amount of terrain for the board size you’re playing on – for example, the Storage Fane is 40 terrain points.

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

This is crazy! A whole new layer of list-making! We still have to see the rules for deploying terrains but damn this look good!

New Secondary

The mission pack add Secondary based on building and terrains...(sound like a good idea)

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

New mission

Off course New missions join the Meta, very close to the already published list. But I guess they are optimised to include the terrain datasheet.

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

Early Impression

Off course it's still early to rejoice but if the Tactical Deployment is adopted as the tournament Meta. Imagine all the change. First, you don't have to prepare terrains for everyone! Second, you will never be screwed before the game even starts because you have to play on the no terrain table!
Lastly, Terrains are going to be a part of your strategy!
But I have a question, do we have to use the official terrains kits from now on or can we still make our terrains?

Are you hyped yet? (i am)

Review this weekend