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Necrons and Space Marines 9th Codex + Szarekh, the Silent King & friend

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Hello everyone !!

As expected from the reading the of the pre-order sheet (from here), this is a big week for the new 9th 40k editions!

Space Marines Codex

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Written with the recent PA book in mind it should fit perfectly ! also cover all the SM entries for BA, DA, SW, DW Only a small-ish codex should complete this one. This is a piece of good news for non-SM marines, one big codex and we are free for the next 30 months!

Also, the power level of the space marines codex is going to serve as a measuring power level tool!


Datacards: Space Marines

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back cover look cool but with the app and 3d printed tokens, I am already set!

Primaris Invader ATV

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Don't need to beat a dead horse here...strong but look meh ...

Primaris Chaplain on Bike

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Blood Angels! Excellent models my new favourite!

Firestrike Servo-turret

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Always had a soft spot for tarantula turret from Space Crusade ^^ Close enough :D

Codex: Necrons

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This is the biggest, most all-encompassing edition of Codex: Necrons ever. It includes a detailed background of the ancient machine race and tells the full story of their ancestral ruler, the Silent King, for the first time. Add to that the wonderfully thematic Crusade rules, the largest roster of units the Necrons have ever had, and the freedom to assemble a Dynastic Code of your own.

Code your Dynastie? Awesome : Hype ;)

Szarekh, the Silent King

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Love the mode but the painting and the picture are really really good so I want to see him in person!

Lokhust Heavy Destroyer

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Canoptek Doomstalker

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Excellent Model but the big canon on top is a bit over the top :)

Dices & accessories

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warhammer rumour
warhammer rumour

Love the dices but I am not sure the Apothecarion symbol is a good "1" symbol.

Most of the models are push-fit from what I read somewhere? (Fb ?), still it's a big week coming, lot of hype and I am eager to try to codex integration in the App!

What about you?