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Heroquest available in UK !

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Hello everyone !!

You can pre order Heroesquest Mythic tier from Zavvi UK

Hasbro Haslab HeroQuest Game System £149.99

What You Get
Unlock some of the exclusive items available only in the duration of the HeroQuest Haslab crowd-funding campaign, so secure yours today! Here’s what you get:

71 high-quality characters and furniture miniatures
Receive an additional 4 bonus hero miniatures and 1 exclusive miniature, exclusive to this crowd-funding period.
2 exclusive game expansions
2 more exclusive miniature figures
and new unlocks by hitting each additional stretch goals.
About the HeroQuest Board Game Expansions
In addition to the fundamental HeroQuest experience, uncover the secrets of its two expansions:

Kellar’s Keep — Continue the hero’s path, and test your will against the terrors of Kellar’s Keep: a hive of monsters and sinister goblins. Fraught with danger and unimaginable evil, you must find your courage to push back the hordes of evil.
This first expansion to the vanilla HeroQuest boardgame, Kellar’s Keep elevates the tabletop experience to new heights with an additional selection of miniatures and 10 brand-new adventures for you and your companions to test your might against.

Return of the Witch Lord — The Witch Lord has returned, ready to raise a legion of undead to serve his malevolent will. Where the Spirit Blade failed to vanquish this foe, you must succeed!
This second expansion brings a whole host of innovative scenarios for you to set your heroes upon, continuing the beloved encounters of the original HeroQuest in an exhilarating new context

DISCLAIMER : Zavvi seems a fucking terribly bad shop! pre-order at your own risk !!!