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10 Common Questions about Warcry Catacombs (review)

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Hello everyone !!

The Warcry Catacomb review was planned for yesterday morning, but some technical difficulties made me start over ^^ (Autosave + kids combo).
Sadly I don't the time (or the courage) to rewrite everything so I'll do a mini Q/A review and will also try to answer your questions in the comments section.

here we go!

Question 1 : Is the Box full enough for the price ?

The box is big, it's one those with extra height and it's packed to the limit. There is no way to add more sprue. I suspect the terrains from the previous box was not initially planned but was included.
Still, the Warcry Catacomb is at 160€ and I would not buy it at this price. To me, it really feels that GW is not considering that we buy from a discount online shop and price stuff accordingly.

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Get Catacombs from Element game at 100£ (110€): Link

Question 2 :Catacombs is an Warcry Extension ?

Nope, Catacomb is a new game using Warcry rules. It feels and plays like a skirmish 2d games with a Dungeon Theme. It's like Eden or Malifaux (in a sense) but inside a Fire Giants Lair in DnD ^^

Question 3 : Can i play the old Warcry with Catacombs

Yep, Warcry Rules book didn't change at all (no even the errata was included).
With few extra terrains, you can play the olds Warcry Campaigns just fine.

Question 4 : How can i play the old Campaigns

The board is reversible you can you use it to set up a game at the surface.
You'll need a few extra terrains and forego the monster cards.

Question 5 : Is this Advanced Heroquest ?

Nope !!
Catacomb is only PVP. it's regretful that no "fun" mode is possible because the terrains included in the Catacombs set would be perfect for PVE and quest stuff!

Question 6 : is it a good game ?

Yes, it actually is.
At least if you want to play a tactical PVP skirmish game with Dungeons Element. There are a lot of list-buildings possibilities mixed with different game mode and progression options.

So yes it's a good game and fun game if you are into Skirmish 1vs1

Question 7: What can you say about Khainite Shadowstalkers

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Yea the Umbraneth! Lovey models! Nice building options. Fluff is slim for now :

Super elite spyssasin for Morathi. Members of the ShadowStalker make a pact with Ulgu/Shadow demons for extra "shadow" powers. They are in the forge to get Varanite for Morathi. Not much is known for now.
I am eager to see the inclusion of these in the AOS DOK factions. For now, their warscrolls is one of the best in the game so I am kind of optimistic^^

Question 8: What can you say about Scions of the flames ?

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At first, I didn't care about them, but after a while, they grew on me :
The models are neat, their rules are cool and they have lots of build options. They would be a neat addition to AOS... ho wait rant incoming!

Question 8 prime: Is the Scions of the Flame integration in aos is fine?


The Warcry cult integration in AOS is so badly made that you won't play them. Period.

Scions of the flame suffer the same fate as other cults !!

I don't know who got the idea of one warscroll for a full cult but plz reconsider. 3 or 4 warscrolls could be made from scions. And gw could do the same for most Warcry Cult! (maybe not all but we could try at least ).

Blazing lord: Hero
Immolator : Priest/mage Hero
Brazen Champion: DPS hero (maybe take 2 with one hero slot ?)
Initiate with ranged weapons (baseline)
Initiate with melee weapons (baseline)
Fireborn could be a leader for initiate units.

There is much more interesting stuff to make than just a shitty warscrolls. They even could be a sub-factions thing in a Slave to Darkness army. Imagine something like: In a Slave To Darkness Army, you can include one Cult faction from the list : (warcry list). Each cult would be 3 to 5 warscrolls...

It just sad that the super cool models from warcry get shit rules but we still need to use the shitty marauder models!

Ok, I feel better, rant is over!

Question 9 : are the terrains Included good ?

Favourite part of the Catacomb Box! I love these props they are so useful
(RPG, Skirmish game, Aos, scenery making, Diorama) . These are so good that gw should make a box of them. They would sell like hot cake!

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Question 10 : How to play the other factions

Grand alliance books are coming with the rules for playing all your Age of Sigmar armies.

Bonus question for Taithays

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Warcry Catacombs is a very nice box if you are into PVP skirmish or want awesome dungeons terrains for your RPG ! is that enough ? maybe :D