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Broken Realms Morathi : Rules Review

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Hello everyone !!!

Here a quick rundown on what was updated on the gamey side! I'll start with the DOK faction and will update this post and this one as well


Zainthar Kai subfaction

Sub faction focusing on the Melusai and Harpies.

morathi rules

Rules are neat, command trait is super weak sauce though :(

3 new Battalion

140pts: Vyperic guard allow one free command ability per battle. (it's like buying 2 command points and 40 pts for the extra relic)

120pts: SacthCoven, no battleshock test for units part of it.

140pts: Shrine Brood: Sac Wrask or sisters during heroes phase to heal blood wrack shrine.....

nothing extraordinary but the Vyperic include Morathi in the Battalion so maybe there is something to do!

Morathi warscrolls

600pts for the duo!

morathi rules

-Nerf as only one unit is affected by Worship through Bloodshed. but range 24" wholly within now
-lost double spell range
-can use her command ability on the Shadow Queen now!

morathi rules

Changes :
+2 attacks with heart render
tails dmg not random anymore
Snake hair is now 2d6 attacks(was 5 before)
Gaze +12" range and work as a normal ranged attack now
Added Aura that buff Harpies and Melusai !

The human form was nerfed a bit but the Serpent is a BEAST! only 3 dmg for the pair per turn is really really strong !!

That's it for the DOK update!

Will do Idoneth next.

morathi rules

Idoneth Update !

Idoneth faction had lots of changes. It's really going to transform the faction!
If you consider the ranged meta, they could be the next big thing!

Mount Traits

Both Deepare and Leviadon can have mounts traits now. Some interesting choice here with Leviadon ignoring rend -1, increasing the void bubble to 15".
Deepmare gets nice options too with a -1 to hit to enemies within 3" or +1 to the Deepmare attacks.

very neat options!


The unit was bad, it was such a shame as the model was so nice!

morathi rules

Everything was improved: +2move, +1 shot and +1 rend on the harpoon, Net launcher prevent pile in On hit! (holy shit) .
Melee attacks got changed as well: +1 attacks for riders and +1 to wounds. Shark lost fin attacks but now attack 3 times with the Bite with -1d thought. Also, Blood predator is now +1 bite attack!

110 pts now (+10 pts) for all this is a really good deal! :D

Storm Eidolon

morathi rules

Huge change here as well
Crashing Upon is now: +1attack and dmg on the spear and heal 1d3, can retreat and charge.
Drench is now +1 to wounds bubble wholly within 18"
Gain FNP 5+ (HOHOHO)
Pulled is now +1 to hit against a small hero.

Storm Eidolon is now a super-efficient Hero hunter

-30 pts at 330 now (Noice)

Sea Eidolon

morathi rules

Less change here :
FNP 5+
Reroll dispell and unbinding as well now
The bubble is now wholly within 18"

-50pts at 330


morathi rules

Leviadon was remade!

The move is a constant now.
+5attacks on the Harpoon (and +1 rend)
Jaws is now 2 attacks and dmg 3
Save is now based on the table (start a 2+)
Fin dmg reduction is now linear but starts at 4
Dmg table have the first tier at 0-8 wounds
Aura is now+1 sv and +1 hit(conditions applies)
Gained Crushing Charge
Jaws of death halved vs non-monster :(
Rider melee merged into one line.

lots of changes, very good meta pick, with a 2+ save and the trait to ignore -1 rend he is going to ignore most of the ranged attacks ^^
(Ballista are still a problem ^^)

Also, the Aura is a lot stronger now.

+30pts at 340 now

BloodSurf hunt

120 pts only, give +1 to hit to Allopexs riders and a 2+ wounds sharing from the king to the sharks...

Hmm, it's actually very good and you can protect your King from being sniped.

Idoneth are Scary now !

Bob !