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Kickstarter : The Genesys Project: Revelations and Exodus

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Hello everyone !!

Gary (Naftka) second Kickstarter for Genesys is starting NOW !

welcome to the Revelations and Exodus Kickstarter for The Genesys Project. The Genesys Project is a Tabletop Miniatures Wargame like no other where you create your own species and evolve a faction to suit your narrative and style. Unlike other games that have pre-determined factions created by a team of game designers, The Genesys Project puts you in control of your faction.

Following the successful launch of The Genesys Project Core Rules and Birth of Genesys: 1st Age books in 2019, we are ready to take the next step in the evolution of your games – The Revelations of Genesys: 2nd Age and The Exodus of Genesys: 3rd Age books.

Create your own faction for any of the Ages you wish to play through, then advance them into future ages to create your own incredible and epic story.

The Genesys Project is organized into a single Core Rules book that covers mechanics for all three Ages. Each Age then has its own unique book with the rules to build, customize, and advance your faction.

The concept is really interesting if you follow the Narrative guideline. Also with the development of resin 3D printing, it can only grow!

Check the Kickstarter page here: