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Official Warhammer 40000 : Army Builder is online !

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Hello everyone !!!

Battle Forge Beta is open right now !!!
The App is the official Army Builder from GW for Warhammer 40000.
Works on Android and IOS

After giving it a test run :

-App is very complete with loads of data validation* (more on this at the end)

warhammer rumour

-App is easy enough to start and use.

warhammer rumour

-App need a filter for adding unit, ie: i would like to click on add troops or add Heavy Support

warhammer rumour

Data Validation conundrum

Before going further, Data Validation definition :

Data validation means that the APP validates what you add to your army list. So if i replace my weapon the offered options are only the legal one, not all the weapons available to the army/unit.

I like it but at the same time this feature force the APP to be in perfect sync with the Codex/FAq. What happens if the player chooses an illegal option that was legal in the app? Who is supposed to watch these?


The app is cool and nicely done.
I don't know if it's worth 5€ a month, especially as new codex replaces the rules offered by the subscription.
Also not having a desktop version of it is sad....(maybe i am blind but i can't find it)