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Warhammer 40 000 FAQ Day !

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Hello everyone !!

It's FAQ day for 40k...

The intent this time is reducing the effect of playing first in competitive games.
Let's see what they changed !

GT changes

  • Determine first turn : ‘The players roll off. The winner takes the first turn.’
  • In the 5th turn, the second player score at the end of the turn now.
  • it's an interesting advantage if you can keep enough units alive in the last turn.

Other Change

  • Secondary Objective : Bring it down nerf
  • Secondary Objective : Abhor the Witch nerf
  • ATV revive is dead

Points Change

  • Eradicators : +5pts

  • Outriders : +5pts

  • Inceptor +5pts

  • Canoptek -30pts
  • (holy shit)
  • Nightbrigner +30pts

get everything from here :

Points are here :

Death Guards Points

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour


Good update I think, I am curious to see if the GT errata will change the meta?
Still Not being able to choose first or second is really helping.

What do you think ?