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Warhammer Total War 3 intro video with Kislev and Khorne + Cathay Confirmed !!!!!!

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Hello everyone !!

This is it, Total war released today a video named : WARHAMMER III Announce Trailer - Conquer Your Daemons | Coming 2021

Awesome video announcing TWW3, starring Kislev Tsarina fighting Khorne and other chaos gods!

Also, Cathay dragon Empire is in the game! (woaa it's been 30 years.)

My first ever game of Warhammer battle was a 2vs2 : Dwarf (me) + Cathay Vs Goblin and chaos. Such a nostalgia to see Cathay being in the game!

Check the Warcom post for more info :

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

Discord invite here

Steam page :

Youtube page :

/HYPE !!