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Hello everyone !!

Some Italian Slaanesh leak are floating :


warhammer rumour

>If he cast a spell and it's not dispelled, he can use the "artigli ammantati d'ombra" melee weapons and add +2 to his saves
>once each turn in the shooting phase you can choose a unit within 9" and roll a dice. On a 3+, attacks against that unit have +1 to wound in the following combat phase. Cant' use more than once against the same unit in the same turn
>cast 1 dispell 1
>Spell is cast on 6. One enemy unit within 12" has -1 to wound in the following combat phase.


warhammer rumour

>fights first if he charges
>adds 3" to charge moves
>the number of attacks is either 5 or the unmodified roll for charge
>wounds from this weapon can't be denied
>4+ save against wounds or Mortal Wounds with the shield

Locus of Distraction

warhammer rumour

>Works on a 4+, Greater Demon gives +1
>Choose unit within 1", that unit can't pile in before attacking this phase.
>Euphoric Killers
>+1 hit on a 6 to hit in melee
>+2 if the unit has 20 or more models

Depravation points
>At the end of the shock phase you gain 1 point for every unit that had a wound or Mortal Wound inflicted to it and not negated this turn, or that has less models than it started the turn with.
>the rest is the same.