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Mercator Nautica – the Water Guild

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Hello everyone !!!

New Underhive Imformant featuring the Water guild !!

The first revealed concept are quite old so it's nice to see the model.

Look like it's a 3 models house.

warhammer rumour

Typically, these are made up of a Master Nautican, a Syphonite, and a Subnautican.

Nautican: The Master Nautican is usually pretty well equipped, but they prefer to leave the fighting to their underlings

Syphonite: Subnauticans are the divers that keep the cisterns and reservoirs of Hive Primus functioning, and they wear their armoured diving suits even out of the water

Subnautican:Syphonites – they spread rumours that those staffs they carry can bleed water from their victims

To Conclude

Very creative models, these sort of release really deepen the 40k imperium to me... So many weird & different characters.
Necromunda is such a Gold mine :D