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Warhammer anime : Hammer and Bolter !

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Hello everyone !!!

Hammer and Bolter : Each episode of Hammer and Bolter we’re showcasing today tells a unique, one-off story that provides a different perspective on life (and, quite often, death) in the grim darkness of the far future. These tales shine a spotlight on the 41st Millennium’s dizzying diversity of settings and factions, including some that you might not expect.

  • Inquisitor and Calidus travels back to Terra

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  • 2 SOB guards relics against cultist

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  • Spirit Seer search ravaged craftworld

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  • Big trouble in Little Librarium

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  • Space Wolves Bromance

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  • Ghazghkull. Yarrick. Limbs getting snipped off by power klaws. This story’s got it all

  • warhammer rumour

Yep, it's interesting...Images look nice while having little details... Eager to see the full animation!

teaser here :