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Cursed City Rules Video by Nick Bayton

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Hello everyone !!

Very cool video by Nick about Cursed city rules.

Campaign Mechanics

The city and so the campaign is influenced by 2 conditions: Influence and Fear.
Complete the right mission to reduce to alleviate the city of these affliction !

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4 types of missions :


Kill minion to reduce Influence lvl


Found relics to help in your quest
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Very innovative, a Gravetide Endless spell roam the streets of Ufenkarn. You have to save the peoples of the city. This quest help with the fear lvl.

Unlike the other types of journey, which use a fixed map, Deliverance journeys have a rolling map, built using exploration cards.

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Hunt Favoured Lieutenants of Radukar before fighting him !

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Game look very interesting to play !!

Can't wait !